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Jo Farina
General Manager and Designer

  • General Manager, Designer, model
  • Commissioner, Hawai'i State Foundation on Culture and the Arts 2005-2009
  • President, Hawai'i Filipino Women's Club

Jo Farina has been in the fashion design business for over 12 years. As a print and fashion model during her younger years until the early 1990’s, Jo was inspired to learn costume design after watching audiences express appreciation for the beauty of the costumes she was modeling.

Jo's research into the history of Filipino apparel has strengthened her love for the culture, and this has led her to start her own business. She gathers design ideas from cultural and history books depicting authentic Filipino costumes as well as from current publications to keep up with the community's style preferences. She imparts her knowledge to her very talented and hard-working employees whom she personally trains. Jo has won awards in all Filipino costume contests she has entered and is proud of the fact that most of her customers who have entered contests have also won in several categories. Hence, her slogan:

Be a winner -- wear a Jofarina


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