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Jofarina House of Filipino Attire is a Hawai'i based fashion design company specializing in traditional Filipino costumes. The majority of our customers are costume contest entrants, pageant participants and wedding parties.

Our products include apparel such as custom-made Terno, Maria Clara, Barong Tagalog, Balintawak, Baro't Saya, Camisa, Camisa de Chino, Patadiong and Kimona; as well as accessories including Chinelas, Tambourine (necklace), paineta and Cocho. Some of the Filipino fabrics we use to make our products are: Abel Iloco, Sinamay, Abaca, Jusi, Pina, Pina/Jusi and Tinalak.

We also create other ethnic wear: the Samoan Pulitasi and the Hawaiian Mu'u Mu'u and Aloha Shirts.

Services We Provide

  • Creating award-winning Filipino costumes.
  • Tailoring pre-made dresses.
  • Planning and coordinating cultural events.
  • Offering beauty and fashion advice.
  • Giving lectures and training on Filipino costumes and its evolution.
  • Mentoring the community's youth to promote cultural pride and unity.

Tahanan ng mga kasuotang Pilipino


Flag of the Philippines
  LogoThe circle in the logo represents the seamless and unending commitment of Jofarina House of Filipino Attire to perpetuating Filipino customs and tradition. The symbol enclosed within the circle represents the letter P written in ancient Filipino character known as alibata or baybayin. This letter P stands for Pilipino and Pilipinas. Notice that this character appears like the letters J and F beautifully linked. J and F are the initials of Jo Farina.  
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